Sudip Sinha


Sudip Sinha

About me

Hi! I am a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at Louisiana State University.

A detailed resume is available here.

Contact me

  • Email (personal): <firstname> <lastname> dot <nickname> at Gmail dot com, where (firstname, lastname, nickname) = (“Sudip”, “Sinha”, “Bappa”).
  • Email (LSU): s <lastname> 4 at lsu dot edu
  • Address: Prescott Hall, 121A

Useful websites

2019 Fall teaching assistant duties at LSU

  • MATH xxxx:

Summer activities


I taught in Math Circle which organizes three-week summer programs for talented high-school students. At Louisiana State University, I taught Combinatorics 2 and Coding. At QTM in Emory University, I taught Number Theory 1 and Coding. The notes for Number Theory 1 can be found in my GitHub writings repository, and the notes for Coding can be found in the mathcircle/mc-coding-2019 GitHub repository.

For more details of the content of the Math Circle courses, see courses.


In the first six weeks, I managed a team of around 8 undergraduate computer science students to build a dashboard for easy visualization of data and automated report generation.

After the completion of this project, I worked three weeks on an ongoing project of analyzing body shapes to get various metrics like measurements of body parts.

I spent my last three weeks traveling in Peru. I would like to write a small informal travelog about it (whenever I find time).


I visited the IMA for the Math-to-Industry Boot Camp II. For more information regarding the program, please see the link.

My final industry project title was Machine Tool and Robot Calibration through Kinematic Analysis: A Least Squares Approach, under our mentor Dr. Thomas Grandine from The Boeing Company. For more details about the project please contact me.